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There are 9 different LINUX versions of the OpenDDA framework; 3 different architecture specific versions. OpenDDA_S is the basic serial implementation, OpenDDA_OMP is the OpenMP-based shared-memory implementation and OpenDDA_MPI is the MPI-based distributed-memory implementation. Furthermore, each of these versions has three associated precision specific variants, i.e., float, double and long double.

There are now 3 different WINDOWS versions of the SERIAL OpenDDA framework; the three precision specific variants, i.e., float, double and long double. N.B. Note that these are completely untested.

For the WINDOWS versions, the executable is NOT in the source directory. It is created in the Debug or Release directory as appropriate. The ".input" files MUST be modified in this Debug or Release directory as appropriate.

Linux (TESTED) and Win XP (Visual Studio 2008 project) (UNTESTED)

OpenMP-based shared-memory implementations:

MPI-based distributed-memory implementation:


About the Author


Ph.D. Astrophysics & Supercomputing, National University of Ireland, Galway, 2007.

Author of the OPENDDA, a highly-optimised computational framework for the Discrete Dipole Approximation, a numerical method for simulating the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter, and calculating the optical properties associated with a target of arbitrary geometry, that is widely used in atmospheric, astrophysical and industrial simulations.